bioethic was founded in  2017  by  Isabel Braz and Miguel Henriques, after 6 years living between China and India.

It was this extraordinary life experience in the two most populoous countries in the world - which are also two of the most polluting - that served to them as an awarness catalyst for the problem of the pollution caused by the discard of single use plastic.

With solid, long-term professional backgrounds, based in large international corporations (Miguel as Finance Manager and Isabel as an HR Manager), in 2017 they have decided that they wanted to give a new direction to their lives.  They decided that their work should contribute to a more positive impact on the planet, on people and on the environment.


They have then created their own company, owner of 2 registered trademarks, ethiCollective ( , a brand dedicated to the promotion of art and fair trade through a global collective platform that brings together artists, artisans, photographers, painters, ilustrators and literature) and bioethic where they commit to the environmental cause and with the elimination of unecessary pollution caused by the discard of single use plastic.

what do we do

bioethic is an initiative focused on environmental protection through the provision of 100% biodegradable and compostable utensils. 

Our goal is to contribute to the gradual replacement of disposable, non-recyclable, utensils by environmentally-friendly and naturally produced products which are fundamental to our planet's renewal process. 

We base our existence on environmental and social ethics and following the key words of sustainability - reduce, reuse, recycle - we want to position ourselves alongside people, companies, communities and entities who are willing to take the necessary steps towards an economy free of plastic.



We believe that it is possible to stop excessive consumption, and the massive discard of non-biodegradable synthetic materials, and we work to reduce the global dependence on fossil fuel derivatives such as petroleum. 

Our products are intended for the conscious consumer and are made up of sustainable, biodegradable and compostable properties that follow the cycle of life on Earth, ending up as rich nutrients for the soil.