We value commitments to ecologically conscious companies and projects that support ways for cultural change towards a sustainable future.

We look for partnerships that allow mutual growth and benefit and the sharing and transmission of environmental values and ethics.

By being our partner, you enjoy, for example, discounts on our products for you and your customers and / or associates.

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The Portuguese Vegetarian Association (AVP) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote vegetarian food as a healthy, compassionate and ecologically responsible lifestyle, which aims not only at the person's own well-being, but at the well-being of animals and the sustainability of the planet, thus constituting a transversal solution to several problems and challenges that we face today as a society.

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EcoGrowing | sowing ecological ideas, planting sustainability is connecting attitudes to a better planet.

A é uma unidade de negócio da Infosistema, empresa do grupo JOYN, criada com a missão de tornar o mundo mais sustentável. Somos especialistas em mobilidade elétrica: oferecermos soluções de carregamento elétrico desde as mais básicas às mais avançadas, incluindo balanceamento de carga e controlo via app. Pelo caminho, vamos democratizando o acesso aos carregamentos elétricos e desmistificando os mitos ligados à mobilidade elétrica.

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Joy creates food, experiences and environments to bring joy to those who enjoy it.
In a creative and disruptive way, it reformulates the idea of what it means to eat well and the logic normally associated with the moment of the meal. Seasonal, with attention to sustainability, food waste, rethinking the way we eat.
Committed to eating without shame and being happy. Check Joy instagram here

mind the trash | the first online store Zero Waste in Portugal, where you can buy sustainable and alternative products to plastic.

PLANETIERS | All you can do for the planet in one place.

SimBIOse project aims to disseminate and to promote national and international projects in the field of sustainable, safe and healthy food, in order to educate and raise awareness among the general consumer of the importance of their eating behaviour in their health and environment that surrounds all.

To show the information about the projects, it uses online platforms (website and social networks) and intends to cooperate with various food entities (sustainable, safe and healthy) for the dissemination of projects and events and at the same time intends to facilitate inter-project networking and between projects and the general public.

check bioethic´s testimony at this platform here


AESINTRA - Serving companies for over 75 years

The Associação Empresarial de Sintra, an institution with more than 75 years of existence, is an intersectoral association that brings together companies from all over the municipality and from the most varied sectors of activity, whose mission is to defend and promote the interests of its members, thus contributing to its technical, economic and social progress.
AESintra regularly signs protocols with various companies/entities that provide preferential conditions, special discounts and other benefits for members.