compostable bags for organic waste
compostable bags for organic waste
compostable bags for organic waste

compostable bags for organic waste

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compostable bags for organic waste (50L)

Our compostable bags for organic waste are an environmentally friendly alternative to the billions of plastic bags used and discarded every year. They are produced from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), a material derived from corn starch and other plant extracts, which makes them 100% compostable and biodegradable. They are fully compatible with the european standard EN13432 and as such approved for use within food waste recycling systems. They should be used only for organic waste and discarded in specific containers for this purpose. To use our bags is to support sustainable development goals and to contribute to the natural life cycle.

The biodegradation of bioethic compostable bags will only be initiated in a composting environment and in the presence of microorganisms, humidity and heat.

This product is sold in boxes of 300 units. For larger quantities, please contact us.

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green manufacturing process

Of non-polluting essence, our products come from natural and renewable raw materials.

The production process is clean and made from agricultural waste. At some stages of the production, renewable energy is used in detriment of fossil fuels.